Beijing, November 19 (Xinhua) - The 23rd Beijing-Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium opened online on Thursday in Beijing and Hong Kong simultaneously, attracting more than 300 Professionals in the two cities to analyze the deepening of high quality cooperation between the two cities.

The Epidemic Covid-19, while obstructing the regular journey between Beijing and Hong Kong, can not prevent the two places of deep cooperation, said the executive director of The Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong Carrie Lam. She added that the expansion of Beijing-Hong Kong cooperation would bring new opportunities and mutual benefits.

As both cities have developed service sectors, Lam" target="_BLANK">expressed optimism about cooperation in services. "Hong Kong professionals can make full use of their advantages during the opening of Beijing's service, helping Beijing and the entire Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region develop high-end services and attract more high quality companies." Beijing and Hong Kong can also strengthen the exchanges of technological talent to boost technological Innovation, said Lam. More efforts can go to the expansion of cooperation in financing, law and risk management and jointly explore the markets of belts and roads, he added.

Beijing Mayor Chen Jining said that despite Covid-19, house the online symposium, depending on the determination of Beijing and the determination of Hong Kong and trust in The deepening of cooperation.

Chen said that the symposium has played an important role in enlargement and deepening economic and commercial cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong.

"Beijing and Hong Kong have their own advantages and are complementary," said Chen, adding that when building Beijing in a national comprehensive demonstration area to expand the opening in The service sector and a free trade demonstration area, the authorities have created precious opportunities to deepen cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong.

Chen added that Beijing W will join Hong Kong to take his cooperation to the next level and better benefit people from the two cities.

As of September, Hong Kong had established 17,077 companies invested in Beijing, which represent 36 percent of the Beijing Total. Total foreign investment of Hong Kong paid in Beijing exceeded 102 billion US dollars or 52 percent of the updated use of Beijing of foreign capital. Meanwhile, the direct investment of Beijing in Hong Kong amounted to more than 36.4 billion US dollars. UU or 47.32 percent of the direct investment of total Beijing output. EndItem

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