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Zhuji, China, November 2 (Xinhua) - Xinjiang flying tigers had a 117-106 Victory over the pioneers of Tianjin, while the tigers of the northeast of Jilin were defeated by the heroes of Shandong 106-93 to put an end to their winning streak of six games in the League of the Hangzhoujobs.com/view-blog/946" target="_BLANK">Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) Here on Monday.

Tang Caiyu contributed 32 points, four rebounds and two assists for Xinjiang, while Zhou Qi finished with 28 points and 13 rebounds to help Xinjiang extend his streak Winner to four.

Xinjiang established an advantage of 36-25 in the first quarter and extended it to 13 points. Tianjin tried to annul the game before the second half and narrowed the gap to three points once with the continuous score of Lin Tingjian.

Tang Caiyu and Zhou Qi launched a concerted attack to help Xinjiang reconstruct the advantage and take advantage of victory 117-106. Tianjing lost all his seven games this season.

Jilin took the initiative from the beginning. Shandong recovered and did it close at the end of the first half. In the last trimester, Jilin continued to commit errors, especially in defensive rebounds.

Lester Hudson contributed 24 points, seven rebounds and three assists, while five other players were double. Digits for Shandong. Enditem. Go to China.org.cn on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation. Download applications from ChinaNews

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