Rescuers look for survivors on the site of a railway bridge that collapsed in the Binhai New area, the Tianjin Municipality of North China, November 1, 2020. [Photo / CCTV]

A bridge collapse killed seven People and injured five on Sunday in Tianjin.

According to Jinbinhai's news application, the accident occurred in the Tianjin Binhai area at 9 am on Sunday, when Tianjin South Ring's Railway Maintenance was renovating the bridge in section K4 + 300 meters from the Lingang Railway, about 50 kilometers from the center of the city.

Equipment of rescue workers, including doctors, firemen and public safety officers, were sent to the site shortly after the accident. A total of 192 firefighters and 10 search and rescue dogs were on the scene, and the search work was terminated at 6:30 pm, according to the website of the Emergency Management Ministry.

EL IN THE SITE The chief of the renovation project is now under the custody of the local public security department, and the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

The head of the city party, Li Hongzhong and Mayor Liao Guoxun quickly went to the site to supervise the rescue work and guarantee that priority occurs to save the lives of people, according to the Wechat public account of Tianjin Daily. They stressed paying close attention to the security of renewal and continuing research.

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