Tianjin, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) - Ice Cream China 2020, the largest exhibition of ice Asia, opened in northern China on Monday, Tianjin Municipality, which attracts more 300 companies and over 10,000 buyers.

The three-day exhibition, with an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters, displays a wide range of products in the ice cream industry, including finished products, machinery, . raw materials, molds and packaging

"as the COVID-19 epidemic has been brought under control in the country, Ice Cream China will be held as scheduled to serve as a viewing platform and change businesses and consumers, "said Xu Qian of the organizing committee

China is a major producer and consumer of ice cream, with topping the annual output 5 million tons in recent years, according to Xu .

"ice cream still has a good market, even during the epidemic ice cream sales of our company has experienced robust growth in the first nine months." Said Li Junlong, general manager branch Bright Dairy ice cream & Food Co., Ltd., one of the leading dairy producers in China.

"My company enjoyed an increase of 30 percent in sales of automated machinery, as many domestic buyers intend to upgrade their equipment due to labor costs ascending caused by the epidemic, "said Sha Qingtian, general manager of Nanjing Puyuan ice Cream Machinery Manufacturing Company

." ice cream has become a popular choice and sweet for people who have to spend much time at home this year. the future of the ice cream industry is very promising in China, "said long Xiangfei, director of the marketing department of an ice cream company in Jiangxi province east China. End

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