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Shijiazhuang, Oct. 6 (Xinhua) - Zhao Cuiyun smear sheet of palm size with corn pasta, meat stuffed with broken and folded in the form of a dumpling. After about 20 minutes of steam, cakes oak leaf are ready for packaging and sale

. Zhao is rural Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province, northern China known for Shanhai Pass, the eastern end of the Great Wall, and works in a cake shop oak leaf. cakes oak leaf are a specialty that has demonstrated the peculiar culture of great wall and become a source of income for local residents

"With the workshop. my door, I can bring home 2,000 yuan (about $ 295) a month, while being able to take care of my family and farmland, to the same time, " p style => '. to meet the demand of the explosive market for the eight-day holiday of the National Day and the start of the Festival of the Mid-Autumn, October 1, the workshop in Haigang District Qinhuangdao has doubled its daily output of 3 tons since the mid September, said Yang Guiyun, president of the workshop called Mulan Food

. According to people having oak leaf cakes is a tradition handed down by their ancestors from Yiwu, Zhejiang province, eastern China

in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), mainly in Yiwu soldiers recruited and led by Qi Jiguang, one thousand itary generally recognized, were stationed along the Great wall to resist the enemy from the north

. Ji Yang, a professor at the University of the Northeast in Qinhuangdao, said pastry oak leaf created by the Yiwu soldiers are actually a combined version of the northern specialty dumpling and zongzi, rice balls stuffed wrapped with canes popular in the south, it is representing a cultural mix of northern and southern China.

"soldiers lost their house specialty of zongzi, and without canes or rice grown near invented cakes using local leaves oak, forming a phenomenon unique while the defense along the Great Wall, "Ji said.

according to the local government, the descendants of Yiwu can now be found in nearly 160 villages near the section of 223 kilometers of the Great Wall in Qinhuangdao built in Ming dynasty, including one in which Yang lives

. Veral then failed attempts at starting your business, Yang decided to sell cakes oak leaf in 2005. Its products gradually been sold in retail outlets such as restaurants hotel local customers in cities and neighboring provinces, including Beijing, Tianjin and Liaoning provinces.

last year, sales revenue from his workshop reached 21 million yuan (about 3 million), with more categories of specialty that are produced and sold, such as rolls and bread mashed beans to steam. based on minor cereals

The workshop has provided more than 30 jobs and mobilized some 200 households to grow oak trees and other related plants, adding 1,500 2,000 yuan on average annual household income

.. Oakleaf cakes have also become an indispensable choice for tourists to eat at local restaurants, country-style

Yang, 49, plans to expand the sales channels. Cakes, using football booming

"I hope the cakes can be sold to Yiwu, making the specialty of a new bond with the younger generation and Yiwu , " she said. End

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