Members of a Chinese medical team pose for a photo upon arrival at the airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, April 16, 2020. [Photo / Xinhua]

Nairobi - The recent months have witnessed a brotherhood and solidarity each increasing between China and Africa, he joins hands in the fight against COVID-19 still deployed pandemic.

When the first case was confirmed in Africa on February 14, China, despite being ravaged by the virus then rushed forward to help their African brothers, providing unreserved medical supplies, exchange of experiences as well as sending expert teams.

So far, have succeeded in fighting the epidemic in Africa rewarding results despite the growing number of confirmed cases, maintaining a mortality rate well below the world average, according to the Center Africa for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Africa). disease skilled physician a Chinese is welcomed by local upon arrival in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, April 16, 2020. [Photo / Xinhua]


on 16 April, a 12-member team of health experts from the Chinese city of Tianjin arrived in Burkina Faso.

Visit the Hospital Tengandogo University in the capital of Burkina Faso Ouagadougou twice, Chinese experts shared their experience in fighting the virus with their local counterparts, who are caring for a growing number of COVID -19 patients.

Alexandre Sanfo, CEO of the hospital, told Xinhua that the experience shared by Chinese experts urged COVID-19 prevention and control work of the country and its response system.

according to the Chinese Embassy in Burkina Faso, the team made a total of four visits field and held eight workshops, 14 interdisciplinary meetings, and 40 technical sessions during their stay in the country of Africa Western.

After the heavy workload in Burkina Faso, the team went to Abidjan, capital of Ivory Coast, in a similar invitation to the mission the government of Ivory Coast.


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