Tianjin June 23 (Xinhua) - The fourth World Intelligence Congress, an important event artificial intelligence (AI) in China, opened online Tuesday in northern China, Tianjin municipality, highlighting AI-enhanced life amid the pandemic

. The two-day event, with the theme of "New Intelligent Era: Innovation, energization and Ecology", has attracted more than 1 million. online visitors

a series of online activities, including forums, exhibitions and competitions, will be presented during the event. the growing points of bird flu, and other intelligent industries science will also analyze and technology in the post-pandemic was hoping to offer more solutions to economic and social development

Wan Gang, president of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, said diagnostic systems assisted by AI, temperature sensing and a number of IA products and technologies are playing an important role in the fight against the pandemic.

"Smart technology widely supported resume work and development of the digital economy amid the epidemic," Wan said. "The data technology helped businesses resume work and production, health QR codes facilitated our trip, and the Internet all (OIE) has made management services and more efficient urban community."

Wan added that technological Innovation of AI must go beyond national borders, and that China will play a more active role in global research and development

"we will participate more actively in the division of labor in the global industrial chain and jointly safeguard stability, security, improvement and development of the industrial chain and amid the global supply of pandemic COVID-19 with the rest of the world, "Wan said. End

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