Beijing, from midnight today, begin easing its quarantine restrictions for people arriving from other parts of China that are considered low risk in terms of the COVID-19 virus. Measures 14-day quarantine for those arriving in Beijing, Tianjin and the neighboring province of Hebei will be scrapped unless visitors come from high-risk areas, such as Heilongjiang, northern and some parts of Guangdong Province, in the southeast, a spokesman for the government. confirmed

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The news comes as Beijing reduces its emergency response from level II to level I, ie those currently in self-isolation in the city you can now end his confinement and citizens no longer have to wear masks while outside. Many other provinces have already lowered their level emergency response as new cases of coronavirus China remains low.

The confirmation of the easing of restrictions came the same day the government announced that the meeting of the National Congress of the People long delay is to be held on May 22, the meeting is traditionally seen thousands of delegates from all over China gather in Beijing for a minimum of 10 days.

the announcement, ahead of the May five-day holiday starting on Friday, prompting a flurry of bookings for domestic flights, according to state media. Many airlines and hotels are offering discounted deals in a bid to attract domestic travelers and boost their dwindling coffers.

With many countries remain under blockade, foreigners banned from entering China and even Chinese citizens who still have to undergo a two-week quarantine on his return from abroad, however, remains international travel out of the question for most.

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