A video douyin by a German investor and business executive on the resumption of operations of your company - with your comments on COVID-19 control measures China - has been frequently broadcast Tianjin.Helmut Kampe, director General Grammer Interior Tianjin, owned by Grammer AG, said its projections of videos that "China has done everything right and has proven to be effective." He said the company, which manufactures automobile interiors such as seats, resumed production in Tianjin with the support of the government and expressed appreciation for governments at different levels, which made a determined effort to control the company pandemic.The he had planned to resume production on Jan 31, after the spring Festival, in an attempt to maintain the supply of its global customers. However, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in China forced several postponements. "We have a huge pressure that our customers around the world urgently needed products and were not able to produce any" which said.His stress was relieved by the administrative committee Area Economic and Technological Development of Tianjin (TEDA) with its guidelines for COVID-19 prevention in cafes and offices approval buildings.The and supporting explanation and related information by TEDA Machinery Office manufacture, and the decision of the government to deduct the presentation of social insurance for staff also helped restart of the company. "February was the most difficult time in China. Our company was closed and production recovered in late February with the support of the administrative committee TEDA. Local governments" have made every effort to overcome difficulties and minimize losses for us "he said.With infections in Baodi district, where one of the major suppliers of Grammer is loc ado, and with the help of TEDA, raw materials were delivered on time -" therefore, our production is influenced not therefore, "Kampe said.He also expressed appreciation for the rapid construction of hospitals and physician groups sent to Wuhan as" effective and rapid measures to control the epidemic in the beginning ".Grammer Tianjin, was founded in 2005. its parent company , Grammer China, has six factories - in Changchun, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Xi'an and Tianjin.About 40 percent of its products, including seats and multifunction armrest for l to construction and agricultural machinery and forklifts, they are exported to overseas customers. Total revenues reached 55 million euros (60 million dollars) last year and has seen a growth of around 30 percent on average in recent years, Kampe said.

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