A special high -speed train began to test between Beijing and Zhuazhou in the neighboring Hbei province, with the aim of providing convenience for thousands of travelers.

The route, which costs less than 30 yuan ($ 4.45) for a unidirectional trip can celebrate more than 1,000 passengers. Start from the Zhuazhou East train station at 6:23 a.m. And it arrives at the Beijing West train station in 24 minutes, while the return trip starts from Beijing at 10 pm and arrives in Zhuozhou in 25 minutes, according to China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co.

"It is very convenient for me. The departure time is reasonable. I can get to Beijing West at 6:47 in the morning. It allows me to breakfast in Beijing before work," Li Li Li Li said. Li took the train from Zhuazhou on Monday morning.

located about 60 kilometers southwest of the center of Beijing, Zhuozhou houses more than 7,000 travelers working in the capital, according to Guo Xuelang, head of the Office of Development and Reform of the City of the City of the city of the city . .

More than 3,000 of them need to take trains to Beijing every day, said Zhao Yong, a member of Zhuozhou East staff. Others drive or take long distance coaches.

According to Guo, there were already 19 high -speed trains that stopped in Zhuozhou on the way to Beijing, reaching the stations of Beijing West and Beijing Fengtai. But time was not suitable for travelers.

Another passenger Tian Yong said he used to take another high -speed train that comes out around 7 am. "That used to get hurried by work, but this is left early and can guarantee an easy trip," Tian said.

The train is one of the many movements designed to coordinate the development of Beijing -Tianjin -HEBEI region. It will help strengthen economic development and cultural exchanges between Beijing and Hebei, Guo said.

"Not only does it provide convenience for travelers, but also extends the channels so that other citizens go to Beijing at the peak of the morning."

"The Cercanías train It helps to shorten the travel distance between the two cities, which become a city for frequent travelers and other passengers, "said Wu Yiqing, vice president of the University of Economics and Business of Hebei, who also occupies a position in a center of innovation for the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

Wu added that it will also help attract resources to Zhuazhou de Beijing, including workers and talented projects.

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