A Norwegian athlete goes through a training session at the national sympathy of Oval Skating on Sunday. Beijing winter games will start on Friday. Zhang Wei / China Daily

of the tender for the Beijing Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games of Beijing with extensive preparations, President Xi Jinping has played a leadership role and is committed to presenting "fantastic, extraordinary and excellent" games " for the world.

With Global Vision, XI wants Beijing's games to contribute to the Olympic Movement and greater public participation in winter sports, as well as to allow the Olympic Spirit to alleviate political tensions and progress the construction of A community with a shared future for humanity.

The Beijing Winter Olympics will open on Friday, and Xi, a great sports fan, will attend the opening ceremony in Beijing and will join the Fans of Global Winter Sports for Enjoy world-class competitions.

When he attended the opening ceremony of Sochi's winter Olympics in Russia eight years ago, he told Rossiya TV Channel of Russia, who loves winter sports.

"I like to see ice hockey games, speed skating, skating figure and Skiin Freestyle gram. Hockey is my favorite," said Xi.

The next few weeks will show how XI's commitment is actually becoming with China's offer by the Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/2558" target="_BLANK">Winter Olympic Games of 2022.

appeared on television only hours before That the members of the International Olympic Committee issued their votes on July 31, 2015 and promised "fantastic, extraordinary and excellent winter games."

"The 2022 Olympic Winter Games, if they are celebrated in China, Will promote exchanges and mutual understanding between Chinese civilizations and other civilizations in the world, encourages more than 1.3 billion Chinese to participate in Winter sports with interest and passion, and give them another opportunity to help advance the Olympic Movement and promote the Olympic Spirit "Xi assured the IOC members in a speech given by video.

The decision of the IOC to grant the 2022 Winter Olympics to Beijing makes the Chinese capital the first city to organize the summer and winter games. Beijing impressed the world in 2008, and is now ready to do. So one more time.

The president has demonstrated a personal commitment to guarantee the success of the games, paying numerous visits to the sports places and offering their encouragement to the athletes of China.

On January 4, the first day of work after the New Year's holiday, he made a fifth inspection of the preparations for the games.

He visited the national speed skating oval, the main media center, the village of athletes, the Gamiestime Center Operations Command and a Winter Sports Training Base in Beijing. He learned about specific measures that would guarantee that the event is "a complete success".

During that inspection visit, Xi said that thanks to the years of effort, the work had been completed on all fronts. "We are fully safe and we can present fantastic, extraordinary and excellent Olympic games for the world."

As it was advocated by XI, all the preparations for the games followed the concept of "green, inclusive, open and corruption accommodation. - Free Olympics", an idea that acknowledged with the new China's new development philosophy .

Xi has often pointed out that sports provide a way to improve the health of people and fulfill their aspirations for a better life. This explains why it is committed to obtaining more than 300 million Chinese in ski and skids, and why health has been incorporated into the second Beijing Olympic company.

Just as China used the 2008 Summer Olympics to boost their economic and social development, XI intends to use 2022 games as a catalyst to promote sustainable economic growth, not only in Beijing, but also in areas surrounding the capital. This is online with the Olympic Agenda of the IOC, which aims to make the Olympic Games adjust to the long-term development plan of the city and the region.

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