Beijing, November 6 (Xinhua): The following is a summary of" target="_BLANK">China's published science and Technology news.

astronauts Shenzhou-13 to carry out EVA

China's Shenzhou-13 astronauts will perform activities Extraventious (EVAS) for the first time in the coming days.

Three Chinese astronauts have been working and living in orbit for 21 days since they sent to space on board the Shenzhou-13 spacecraft and entered the combination of The space station of the country on October. 16. \ Satellite launch center in the province of Northern Shanxi.

The satellite, called Guangmu, was released by a Long-6 Carrier Rocket at 10:19 am (Beijing time) and entered the planned orbit.


Airbus will produce and deliver the aircraft of a single A321 hall in China by expanding its Final assembly line Asia in Tianjin (Fal Tianjin).

Airbus and its Chinese partners have recently signed a framework agreement to expand and update the production capacity of the FAL Tianjin, which allows" target="_BLANK">current family assembly facilities A320 to produce A321 aircraft. EndItem

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Image of Single-dose vaccine now available
Single-dose vaccine now available

A nurse prepares a dose of viral vaccine based in adenovirus at a vaccination point in Shanghai, May 18, 2021. [Photo / Xinhua] Several cities of Chi

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