Beijing, November 5 (Xinhua): Airbus will produce and deliver the aircraft of a single A321 hall in China by expanding its Final Asia Assembly Line in Tianjin (Fal Tianjin), Airbus China said on Friday.

Airbus and its Chinese partners have recently signed a framework agreement on the expansion and updating of the production capacity of the FAL Tianjin, which allows the current family assembly A320 Facilities for producing A321 aircraft, said Airbus China.

The work is scheduled to start in July 2022 and include the expansion of the plant, the improvement of the facilities and the tools, and professional training. The new work will not affect the production rate of Fal Tianjin.

The movement aims to comply with the demand of the global market of the A321 series of a single hallway, particularly of the Chinese. market. It marks a significant progress between Airbus and China in the expansion of the cooperation of the industrial chain and supply, "said Michel Tran, Director of Airbus China Operations.

Airbus has four families A320 assembly facilities around the world, in Toulouse in France, Hamburg in Germany, Tianjin in China, and Alabama in the United States. The facilities of Hamburg and Mobile, Alabama, are capable of producing A321 aircraft.

The European Aircraft Manufacturer is updating the industrial capabilities of these sites to meet the demand for A321 aircraft.

Airbus in 2008 inaugurated the Airbus A320 Family Final Assembly Line at the Northern Tianjin of China. At the end of 2020, Airbus had met and delivered more than 500 commercial aircraft from the installation.

Airbus delivered a total Of 99 commercial aircraft to China in 2020, representing 17.5 percent of its global annual. Deliveries, according to Airbus China. Enditem

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