Beijing, September 9 (Xinhua): More than 140 million people in northern China have benefited directly from a massive water diversion project that pumps water from the main Rivers in the South to the North Prone to the drought, said Thursday authorities.

The South Agua de Agua de Norte project has diverted from 46 billion cubic meters of water to arid areas in the north through its average routes and Orientals, Shi Chunxian, an official with the Ministry of Water Resources, said at a press conference.

The project has provided water at about 280 counties from more than 40 large and medium-sized cities, relieving water shortages in the north.

"The water diversion project has become the new 'Lifeline' for many cities." Shi said.

also helped improve local ecology. The project supplied more than 6.4 billion cubic meters of water along the average and eastern routes of ecological use, effectively braking the decrease in the groundwater level and the subsidee of land, SHI said.

The" target="_BLANK">South Water Deviation Project has three routes. The average route, the most outstanding of the three due to its role in the water food to the nation's capital, begins from the Danjiangkou deposit in the Province of Hubei of Central China and crosses Henan and" target="_BLANK">Hebei before arriving at Beijing and Tianjin. He started supplying water in December 2014.

The East" target="_BLANK">route began operating in" target="_BLANK">November 2013, transferring water from Jiangsu Province of East China to Food Areas , including Tianjin and Shandong.

The Western route is in the planning stage and has not yet been built. EndItem

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