Tianjin, February 15 (Xinhua): Using a mask and disposable gloves, Michal Krauze accelerated around the Four Seasons restaurant in Tianjin from China, which guarantees that each table of Dining room was correctly disinfected, knowing that a wave of guests was on the way.

It was a day before Lunar New Year's Eve, and the National Polish had a good reason to be excited about his work: as China marked This Hangzhoujobs.com/view-blog/1365" target="_BLANK">year's Spring Festival with the Covid-19 epidemic, in large part, the hotel gastronomic business is recovering along with many other restaurants in China.

"Although we establish strict limitations in the flow of guests and maintained a certain distance between the tables, our Chinese restaurant has been completely reserved for the Spring Festival, and the Buffet Restaurant is registered at 90 percent, "Krauze said, food and drink director at the hotel.

is a special new year for R Krauze, who decided to stay in Tianjin with more than 200 staff members of the six hotel restaurants that followed the Council of the Government stay. Instead of returning to Guangzhou to see the wife and daughters of him during the holidays, he wrote a letter that reads "I wish you a year of Niu prosperous and cheerful"! "And he sent it home with a gift basket,

" Prevention and control of the epidemics epidemic need cooperation and team efforts. In this sense, China sets an example, "said Krauze.

As China basically domesticated the Covid-19 outbreak, catering companies are welcoming with Satisfaction The return of food products with strict anti-COVID-19 measurements.

"We have returned to complete operations since April 2020. The business was even better in the Second quarter, "said Krauze, noting that the rate of the Chinese government and the tax cut policy had greatly helped the hotel.. He said that hotel food and drink sales in December rose 20 percent compared to The same period of 2019. casting great opportunities in this year's boom spring festivals, the hotel hotel. Jin House The Chinese restaurant recruited to new chefs and designed new dishes that rotate around the ox, the Zodiac sign for this new lunar year.

Krauze said the return of the dining room sector to the thriving business was not easy "the pandemia is still serious all over the world. People in China can enjoy the Meals in restaurants. Therefore, we have to appreciate what we have now. "

Your hotel has also adopted a series of measures to ensure the safety of diners, including the number of guests, regularly sterilizing the crockery, disinfecting all the ingredients Imported and ensure that all chefs who handle food have been vaccinated.

Having lived in China for more than 10 years, Krauze has witnessed tremendous changes in the country's catering sector. "The level of consumption has increased thanks to the growing middle class in China. I see a growing demand for wines and cocktails."

According to official statistics, China was likely the only important economy to publish growth by 2020, with its expanding GDP of 2.3 percent year with the year And exceeded the threshold of 100 trillion yuan (around 15.5 billion dollars) for the first time.

"I have a lot of confidence in China's economic growth. Everything has changed positively, I see many investments in Tianjin. We are very sure of our business this year", Kraze said. EndItem

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