Beijing, February 7 (Xinhua): The South Agua de Water Project, the largest in the world, has transferred more than 40 billion cubic meters of water Through its half and Eastern routes since it came into operation, according to the official data published on Sunday.

The project has contributed greatly to guaranteeing the safety of drinking water from hundreds of millions of people, promoting economic and social development along its route, while That improves the ecological environment, said the Ministry of Water Resources.

The middle route, the most prominent of three due to its role in feeding the water to the capital of the nation, begins from the Danjiangkou reservoir, in the province Hubei of Central China and" target="_BLANK">extends through Henan and Hebei before arriving at Beijing and Tianjin. It began supplying water on December 12, 2014.

The Eastern route began operating in November 2013, transferring water from Jiangsu Province of East China to Las Food areas, including Tianjin and Shandong. .

The Western route is in the planning stage and has not yet been built.

The next -Used the construction of the medium and eastern routes, as well as the preliminary work of the Western Project, will be promoted solidly. EndItem

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