Tianjin, January 29 (Xinhua) - China on Friday executed a former corrupt financial financial firm in a case whose graft sum established a record in the history of people . Republic of China.

Lai Xiaomin, who took an amazing sum of bribes for a total of 1.78 billion yuan (around 276 million US dollars), was executed by The second municipal intermediate. Tianjin Popular Court after being approved by the Top Tribunal.

Lai, former President of the Board of China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd., was convicted of bribes, embezzlement and Bigamy on January 5. He was sentenced to death, with private political rights of life and all confiscated assets.

Lai appealed the sentences but his appeal was rejected by Tianjin Tribunal of the Popular Superior on January 21.

Reviewing the case, the Supreme Court People (SPC) that the crimes committed by Lai were extremely serious that the amount of bribes of Lai was particularly enormous, the circumstance It was particularly serious, noting that crimes have had an extremely adverse social influence, and caused a great loss to the interests of the State and the people.

The SPC approved the decision of the Tianjin Tribunal of the popular superior to defend the death penalty of Lai during the first instance.

LAI was allowed to know the next pair of relatives of it before the execution. EndItem


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