BEIJING, March 30 (Xinhua) - Forecast of the marine environment for major Chinese coastal areas in 12 p.m. 31 March (Beijing time, temperatures in Celsius):

surface Sea wave water wave

height (m) temperature level address (cm)

Dalian Bay south 0.5 / 5.40 60.70

southwest (Liaoning)

south Tianjin 9.90 -131.40

central 0.4 ()

0.2 Weihai Economic south / southwest 6.90 23.60

& Technology

Development Zone


Jiaozhou Bay 0.2 south / southeast 9.00 16.40


Lianyungang 0.2 east / southeast 10.90 101.80

Qidong 0.8 this 11,60 -76.10


Pudong south 0.6 12.50 -18.00 this

coastal areas


Xiamen 0.7 to the east / northeast -49.40 19.50


this Leizhou 1.3 to the east / southeast 26.50 108.20



Tieshan port to the south 0, 7 25.50 -9.30

Source: National Marine Environmental Forecasting center, china. End

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