WCBA Roundup: Han sets new scoring record, Beijing edges Dongguan

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CHENGDU Oct. 22 (Xinhua) - center of the national team of China, Xu Han improved his personal record of scoring record of 33 points as domesticated Tianjin Xinjiang 112-56, while Beijing worked to a 79-78 victory over Dongguan China Basketball Association league Women (MEF) here on Wednesday.

Han was unstoppable in the paint, shooting 13 of 20 from the floor to go along with 12 rebounds. Chen Mingling added 18 from the bench

. Xinjiang established a lead of 33-14 after the first quarter, before extending their lead to 35 break points .

players Xinjiang bank continued its momentum after the break, and the nerve center of the league won a victory of 56 points .

A different scenario occurred in the match between Beijing and Dongguan, as was decided in the final seconds

. Beijing took the lead 43-27 at halftime, but Dongguan roared back in the second half and regained the lead thanks to the efforts of Dilana Dilishati and Shen Yi

. Dongguan Zhang Dongxia the winning shot, as Beijing took the narrow victory lost

Shi Xiufeng scored 19 points for Beijing, while Tang Yu added 17. side Dongguan, five players achieved double-digit points, led. By 19 Shen

Also Wednesday, Ting Shao added 23 points as Shanxi Sichuan defeated 92-68

eighth round of the league will begin on Thursday. Jiangsu's top-ranked side has a great chance to keep their perfect record in the current campaign when taken in Hebei, sitting on the penultimate. End Follow China.org.cn on Twitter and Facebook to join the conversation.ChinaNews application downloads


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