A view of the corner tower in the palace museum in Beijing on September 3, 2020. [Photo / Xinhua]

Beijing concentration of fine air pollution particles - PM2.5 - averaged 38 micrograms per meter Cubic for 2020, the best quality air for the city since 2013, the authorities announced on Monday.

Beijing saw 276 days with good air quality last year, 36 days more than in 2019, the news conference said on Monday. .

According to the office, it is the first time recorded that the average annual density of PM2.5 of Beijing fell below 40 micrograms per cubic meter.

Compared to the 2013, annual Beijing level. The average density of PM2.5 fell 57.5 percent by 2020.

Government of Beijing said it will continue to focus on key sources of contamination, including heavy diesel vehicles, volatile organic compounds and dust.

Meanwhile, it will strengthen cooperation with regional areas, including Hebei province of North China and Tianjin City, T or improve air quality.

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