Beijing, July 1 (Xinhua) - Forecast of the marine environment for major Chinese coastal areas in 12 p.m. July 2 (Beijing time, the temperature in Celsius):

surface Sea wave water wave

height (m) temperature level address (cm)

Dalian Bay 18.20 -25.20 0.2 southwest

0.1 Tianjin southeast 24,50 165,60


Weihai Economic south 0.4 to 21.10 1.30

& Technology

development zone


Jiaozhou Bay 0.3 to south 20.80 85.00


0.4 Lianyungang south / southeast -42.10 23.80


Qidong southeast 24.20 62.50 0.7


Pudong 0.8 south southeast -25.10 26.00

coastal areas


Xiamen 1.1 south / southwest 28.50 22.90


This Leizhou 1.0 to south 29.90 -83.50

Peninsula < p style = "margin: 0px 3px 15px"> (Guangdong)

Tieshan Port 0.8 to south 32.10 69.40


Source: National Marine Environment Forecasting Center, China. End

Beijing,  Jiangsu,  Guangdong,  Hangzhou,  Lianyungan,  Lianyungang,  Liaoning,  Shandong,  Tianjin,  Shanghai, 

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