Tianjin, April 25 (Xinhua) - Veteran Taxi Driver Zhu Wenli uses the Chinese Mapping service Gaoode Map not only to plan your route, but often to locate a public toilet Close in the North Tianjin municipality of China.

The popular navigation application owned by Autonavi Software Co., Ltd. recently launched the Atlas of the National Public Bath of 2022, in the Ranking Tianjin among the 10 cities of the country. In terms of the number of public toilets that people can search in their e-map.

"The ranking is the result of combining the online search and online browsing data Bathrooms in almost 100 cities in 2021," said Shi Wei, product manager of Gaode Map.

China has made a solid progress in its "toilet revolution", which has helped to increase the number of public baths in cities and improve hygiene standards of Toilets in rural areas.

With 29 years of taxi driving experience in Tianjin, Zhu said before the use of the E-Map toilet, he and some of his passengers risked Be trapped on the road in times of need.

Since 2018, the municipal authorities of Tianjin have placed QR codes at the doors of public toilets throughout the city, which allows people to log in to the Toilet e-map.

"There are more than 2,600 public toilets in the city that have been included in the program. People can find locations on their mobile phones at any time," he said Jiao Chunbao, director of the Environmental Sanitation Department of the Municipal Urban Management Committee.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Gaode Map has launched an e-map map of tourist baths, which provides an online mapping service that links to 130,000 public toilets in more than 20,000 tourist sites throughout the country.

Shi said that the company has been refining the search functions showing on the electronic maps, whether the bathrooms have free barriers or if there is a toilet with parking available.

"Easy access to public toilets is between the measures of a civilized society. The new technology offers people the comfort in urgent time need to avoid the Bad conduct, "said Zhang Baoyi, with Tianjin's Academy of Social Sciences. EndItem


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