During the Covid-19 outbreak in Tianjin earlier this year, Qiao Liang, an officer of the Ruijing Police Station, which belongs to the Branch of Beichen of the city, continued working together with Community staff and volunteers in The fight against the epidemic.

After working overtime for many days in a row, the 54-year-old he suffered a heart attack on February 4, although he was rushed into the emergency room, he failed after the treatment failed.

While involved in the prevention and control of the epidemic, Qiao barely had the opportunity to dine with his family. "Or he did not get home for several days or was after midnight when he did," said him, Zhang Cai.

Qiao told the wife of him that he would go home to dinner on February 5, the fifth day of the Lunar New Year from China, and a time when most families celebrated the festival of spring. Zhang was satisfied with the news and began to make preparations with his son the day before, thinking that the family would finally have the opportunity to eat together during the Spring Festival.

She received the sad news of the night. From February 4, while she prepares for dinner.

Zhang knew that her husband was exhausted and gave her all the passion and energy of her to her beloved her in the police. Qiao was so popular with the public, that many people in the community regretted it on social networks and called Zhang to express the condolences of him.

Qiao became a police officer 37 years ago and worked at several different stations. He always confirmed the oath he did when he became an officer, to serve people with all my heart.

In 2017, a market under the jurisdiction of it was plagued by the supplement. To solve the problem, Qiao moved to a small office near the market for several weeks to observe the situation and find a solution. He patrolled the market from the moment he opened early every morning.

Later, Qiao formed a team to patrol the market and maintain the order, and bought several horns to alert the audience to the presence of a thief. Carports were dissuaded and the amount of crimes fell significantly.

Wang Yu, a colleague, said he had learned a lot from Qiao, and the optimistic attitude of him towards life always energized those around him.

"No matter how busy or tired, always seemed happy. Sometimes, when I was under pressure at work, I spoke with Qiao, who always made me feel happier," said Wang.


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