Beijing, March 21 (Xinhua) - Chinese scientists have discovered that brown carbon released by forest fires has made a greater contribution to global warming than the thought previously, noting that said Heating could lead to even more wild fires in the future.

The study published on Saturday in the magazine One Earth describes how the carbon caused by burning biomass in the northern hemisphere is accelerating heating in the Arctic.

"Observational analyzes and numerical simulations show that the heating effect of brown carbon aerosols over the Arctic is up to 30 percent of the carbon Black, "said the main author of document Fu Pingqing, an atmospheric chemist at Tianjin University.

During the last 50 years, the Arctic has been heating at a rate three times higher. On the planet, and it seems that forest fires are helping to drive this Discrepa NCY, the researchers said.

found that the brown carbon of burning biomass was responsible for at least twice heating than the brown carbon of fossil fuel burning, according to The study.

In 2017, the Chinese Xuelong icebreaker boat went to the Arctic Ocean to examine which aerosols floated in the pristine arctic air and identify their sources.

Scientists in the container investigated how brown carbon was affecting the climate compared to the denser black carbon of high temperature fossil fuel burning.

Kilsingfires Wild are accompanied by vast brown smoke feathers, formed by brown carbon particles suspended in the air. Like black carbon and carbon dioxide, brown carbon warms the planet by absorbing solar radiation, according to the study.

"The increase in forest fire events will emit more brown carbon sprays, also heating the earth, which makes wild fires more frequent," he said Fu. "Our findings highlight how important it is to control forest fires," Fu added. EndItem

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