Tianjin, July 17 (Xinhua) - The municipality of Tianjin in North China has seen transactions for a total of 8.56 million tons of carbon emissions subsidies in the First half of 2021, with a turnover of 253 million yuan (approximately 39 million US dollars), according to the local carbon trade exchange.

The total volume of negotiation of the city represented 23 percent of all regional carbon markets in China during the period, remaining in the second place throughout the country, according to the exchange of climate Tianjin.

Only last year, the city carbon market handled approximately 29.09 million tons of carbon emissions assignments, second classification in China.

As of July 1, 104 companies included in the Tianjin Carbon Emissions Charming Pilot Program in eight industries: Electricity and heating, Steel, Chemical products , petrochemicals, exploitation of oil and gas, building materials, papermaking and aviation, have completed the annual implementation of its commercial contracts of 2020 carbon emissions.

One of China's first environmental environmental commercial institutions, the exchange serves as an international trading platform to promote the conservation of energy and reducing emissions through of market-based media and financial innovation. EndItem


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