Tianjin, July 13 (Xinhua) - Mahmoud Alsalehi disinfected her hands before walking towards the bed of a young man of a young patient, gently shaking a toy to delight those of 1 Year, he only had surgery for congenital heart disease.

When the child relaxed, Alsalehi leaned carefully, put a stethoscope on the child's chest, and heard the child's heart.

As a doctor beloved by children, Alsalehi was called "Uncle Lao Ma", a nickname derived from the first syllable of him given him.

"ma" literally means horse in Chinese, which represents the diligence. "I like this name, and it makes me feel very close to the children," he said.

Alsalehi, 39, which leaves Palestine, now works as the director of pediatric cardiology II and the Pediatric Department of the ICU at the Teda Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/758" target="_BLANK">International Cardiovascular Hospital in The municipality of Tianjin of North China.

During your workout at a children's hospital in Canada, Alsalehi has the opportunity to work for the Teda Hospital in August 2019.

"I accepted immediately, China is a friend very close to Palestine and helped us a lot, I hope to help more. Chinese children with congenital heart disease to return to China," said Alsalehi. "Alsalehi said.

With the help of Chinese colleagues, Alsalehi soon acclimated to the new work environment of him.

Shanchtling among patients in the sick, detection and monitoring of their heart conditions, reviewing the echocardiogram and verifying their nursing records, Alsalehi and his colleagues always They are busy making medical and surgical plans adapted for each child.

"often brome and they told me that my colleagues are like my colleagues. 'Engines' who work incessantly. I really admire these doctors dedicated to the Chinese who are Considered with his patients, "Alsalehi said.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, pediatric patients had to remain in the ICU. Only after surgeries. Without the company of their parents, they were prone to loneliness and anxiety, a major concern for doctors.

Pediatric doctors that include the same brain to the console. Young patients.

"Although I can not talk too Chinese, I do my best to express my kindness through smiles and eye contact," said Alsalehi, adding that he treated them as Your own children.

Since 2004, the hospital has worked with local authorities and many charities to carry out dozens of projects to provide free children surgeries. With a congenital heart disease of poor families.

Your surgery expenses are completely covered by charity projects, which have already reached the 24 Hangzhoujobs.com/view-blog/1083" target="_BLANK">provincial level regions of the country.

Alsalehi said he hopes to be sent to remote regions in China, which was once hared by poverty, to help children with a congenital heart disease there, as What his colleagues have done for years as part of the anti-poverty efforts of the country.

"I would make me happy to see the less privileged children, enjoy a normal life again," he said.

In the future, Alsalehi plans to return to Palestine and build a professional pediatric cardiology team. "I hope to do something for my people and my country, the experience I won in China will definitely be useful." EndItem

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