Beijing, December 28 (Xinhua) - A Chinese adenovirus vector vaccine candidate against Covid-19 is ready for human essays at home and abroad, said the Mondays to their developers.

Researchers at the University of Tsinghua, the Medical University of Tianjin and Walvax Biotechnology Co., Ltd. have begun to develop the vaccine from the outbreak of the epidemic. In comparison with other candidates, it occurred using chimpanzee blood.

because there is usually no pre-stored neutralizing antibody against chimpanzee adenovirus in the human body, the vaccine with this virus as a carrier will have the advantages of low reactions Adverse, the high production capacity and strong immunity after vaccination, said the main researcher Zhang Linqi, the University of Tsinghua.

The vaccine Manufacturers have completed animal tests and began to apply for human trials in China and abroad.

"There have been no serious side effects on animals," said Zhang, adding that the results of preclinical research support the safety of this vaccine and suggest the potential of more clinical trials.

Zhang noted that phase-3 clinical trials to verify the efficiency of the vaccine. Be done in areas of pandemic abroad. "Like other Chinese Vaccines Covid-19, we also face the situation that there are not enough Covid-19 patients in China to participate in phase-3" trials.

An industrialization base of the patented adenovirus vector vaccine was launched on Sunday in the Beijing Daxing District. Once the vaccine is effective after the tests, it will occur en masse at the base.

Manufacturing plants are now under construction, and the vaccine is likely to be the market. In mid-2021. The annual production capacity of the Vaccine COVID-19 will exceed 200 million doses, according to a Walvax statement.

China currently has five vaccines entering the phase-3 clinical trials that include a vector adenovirus vaccine developed by the Academy of Military Sciences and Cansino Biologics Inc. , said an official of the" target="_BLANK">" target="_BLANK">National Health Commission at the beginning of December. EndItem

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