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December 27

Out of China the latest figures informed by the health of each government authority as of December 27, 2020.

- Covid- 19 Suppositive Global Cases 80 MLN - Johns Hopkins University (Read more)

China Latest data published by the Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/1011" target="_BLANK">Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/1017" target="_BLANK">National Health Commission at midnight, December 26, 2020.

- Reports of The China Continental Part 22 new cases of Covid-19, 12 locally transmitted

December 26

Outside China

- California becomes the first state From the USA UU to overcome the 2 million cases COVID-19


- Reports of Mainland China 20 new cases of COVID-19, 12 imported and 8 transmitted locally (Read more)

- The Beijing Shunyi District enters 'Status of War' against Covid-19 (read more)

December 25

out from China

- Brazil close to see 190,000 deaths from Covid-19 (read more)

- London reports greater increase in new cases Covid-19 in England: England of Public Health (Rea d plus)


- Mainland reports China 14 new cases Covid-19, 7 imported and 7 transmitted locally (read more)

- National health The Commission sent a Working Group to Dalian, Liaoning Province, to guide the control of Covid -19 (Read more)

December 5

Out of China

- United Kingdom records the highest daily number of deaths related to coronavirus from End of April (read more)

rich nations said they order 53% of Vaccines Covid (read more)

- Argentina grant Russian Covid -19 emergency approval of The vaccine (Read more)

- Egypt sees a sudden peak in Covid-19 cases, 911 new reported infections

- The daily cases of Coronavirus from Japan were HITS 3,271, brands of Maximum dead from one day to 56


- Reports of the China Continental Part 17 new cases Covid-19, 11 imported and 6 transmitted locally (read more)

Dec 23

Outside China

- Positivity rate of the NYC COVID-19 test at 5.88 PCT: higher (read more)

- USA UU begins to deploy modern Vaccine: Tianjinjobs.com/view-blog/1005" target="_BLANK">Official (read more)

- Crowd of vacation shopping A concern, says Chilean official (read more)

- Ukraine plans to vaccinate 20 million people in 2021-2022 ( Read more)

- United Kingdom comes to deal with France to allow trucks to cross the border from Wednesday (read more)


- Reports of China Minlandia 15 new Covid-19 cases, 14 imported and 1 locally transmitted (read more)

December 22

Out of China

- United States Covid-19 cases surpass 18m: Johns Hopkins University (Read more)

- Biden receives the first dose of the COR vaccine OnAvirus (Read more)

- The most populated Province of Ontario de Canada to enter the Saturday lock (read more)


- Reports of the China Continental 15 New cases of COVID-19, 2 locally transmitted, 13 imported (read more)

- Macao Tighten the quarantine policy for incoming travelers (read more)

- Tianjin finds Coronavirus in the packing of imported food (read more)

December 21

Out of China

- Severa L The European countries detained in the United Kingdom on the fears of the Coronavirus mutant (read more)

- The majority leader of the US Senate. UU says that Congress has reached an agreement on Relief of Covid-19 (read More)

- Australian state borders close in Sydney as Covid-19 Cluster grows (Read more)

- NYS Covid-19 Test positivity rate, hospitalizations DISH tendencies Below: Governor (read more)


- Chinese Mainland reported 23 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, 21 imported and 2 locally transmitted (read more)

December 13 < / p>

Out of China

- Sinovac, AstraZeneca vaccines could be used in Brazil in mid-February


- China reports Minlandia 23 new cases of COVID-19, 1 locally transmitted, 22 imported. (Read more)

December 19

Out of China

- USA UU Get the increase of the vaccine in the middle of increasing cases ( Read more)

- Bidens to get the first dose of the vaccine on Monday (read more)


- Mainland China Reports 17 Covid-19 Confirmed cases, 3 loc

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