Hundreds of flights to and from Shanghai Pudong Airport have been canceled and all the staff is being tested after it was found that it had originated in a small bud of Covid-19. As a result, certain parts of Shanghai have now been designated areas of "medium risk".

The outbreak goes back to two load handlers who had been accused of cleaning a container after a shipment from North America, say the Chinese health officials. According to Sun Xiaodong, an expert in local disease control, the two workers cleaned the container on October 30 before testing positive for the virus 9 and 10. The sun added that the airport employees were not using masks inside the wet container And they claimed the virus. The detected strain was similar to that found in North America.

On Saturday, the city also reported that an employee of the 34-year-old hospital, the wife of a logistics worker at the airport, also tried positive for Coronavirus. As a result, more than 4,000 employees have been tested at the Hospital de Pudong.

Pudong Airport also started trying all the staff on Sunday night, resulting in photos of videos of chaotic scenes, since thousands of workers became an underground parking for mass tests . Meanwhile, hundreds of flights have been canceled.

According to state media, at least seven Covid-19 cases have been confirmed, among airport employees. However, all are, according to reports, the load and not on the passenger side of the installation. Up to this last outbreak, Shanghai had gone five months without any community transmission.

As winter is attracted, officials are warning of sporadic Covid-19 outbreaks throughout the country. The last weeks have seen sprouts, mass tests and the closure of some services in the northern city of Tianjin and Manzhouli in Inner Mongolia.

A total of three million people are being tested in the new Tianjin Binhai area after five cases were detected there on Friday, according to Xinhua. It is said that one of the cases is a worker who had been handling the imported frozen meat. The Chinese government has ordered all imported frozen foods to be disinfected after other incidents of the virus are found in the packaging, despite the World Health Organization that says that the risk of transmission of such sources is low.

Meanwhile, Manzhoul entered an effective block on Saturday after two cases were reported in the city of 240,000 near the border with Russia and Mongolia. Railway services to and from the city have been suspended, as well as all flights from the main airport of the Hohhot region.

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