Get ready to be amazed by the latest technology news coming out of China! The fourth World Congress of Intelligence, a crucial event in the AI world, drew in a staggering 392 million views online despite having no in-person attendance due to COVID-19 precautions. Thanks to advanced cloud technology, viewers from around the globe were able to participate and watch a variety of business activities and competitions, including the Global Intelligence Driving Challenge which drew in 145 teams from countries like the United States, Japan, and Germany.

In other news, China's largest lithium-ion battery maker, Contemporary Amperex Technology, has broken ground on a new laboratory in Ningde, Fujian Province, dedicated to developing the next generation of batteries. The "21C Lab" will focus on electrochemical energy storage and new energy conversion systems, with an impressive 18-hectare area dedicated to research and development.

Meanwhile, a new 847-meter-long tunnel in Hebei province, north China, designed to absorb sound, has been completed. This tunnel will help mitigate the noise emanating from trains and tracks, a growing concern for residents near transport centers and railway lines across the country. According to its developers, the tunnel acts as a sound barrier and can reduce the noise generated by bullet trains traveling at speeds of up to 350 kph.

Finally, a team of international researchers has developed a non-invasive 3D bioprinting system that can print an ear within the body of a mouse using infrared light to polymerize bio-ink inside the body without invasive incisions. This breakthrough could potentially be used in organ reconstruction or tissue repair, such as microtia where the ear cartilage is underdeveloped or absent. With all these incredible advancements, it's an exciting time for technology in China.

Beijing,  Hangzhou,  Sichuan,  Tianjin, 

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