Luan Jianzhang (right), director of the Tianjin Foreign Affairs Office, confers the title of "Tianjin Honorary Citizen" in Kondou Hisayoshi (1932-2021) on September 24. Kijima Yoshiko (Middle), Minister of Information and Culture at the Japanese Embassy in China, represented Kondou's family upon receiving honor. Yang Cheng / China Daily

Memories of childhood completed childhood interest interest in Tianjin

when a commemorating seminar was held the deep love of a Japanese man through the municipality of Tianjin de North China at the City Foreign Affairs Office at the end of September, electricity was cut unexpectedly for about 10 seconds.

It happened just when an speaker was sharing his memories of man, Kondou Hisayoshi, who was born in Tianjin in 1932 and died in Japan in June.

taken as a "kind of interaction between heaven and humanity", made some at the audience break.

For the commitment to him with the city, Kondou was appointed Tianjin Honorary citizen on September 24. Since that day, its collection of more than 180 photos, newspapers and books about the city has been on display at the Grand Hall on the first floor of Tianjin's Foreign Affairs Office, as part of an exhibition entitled Tianjin, my hometown .

"The city honors the Kondou Life Committees. To spread the awareness of its culture and history in Japan, and to donate its collection of valuable historical photos," said Luan Jianzhang, director of the office of Foreign Affairs of Tianjin.

"The personal links between China and Japan benefit diplomatic relations, particularly as the next year the 50th anniversary of the normalization of Chinese-Japanese diplomatic relations".

Kijima Yoshiko, Minister of Information and Culture at the Japanese Embassy in China, said Kondou's deep love for Tianjin puts at the nucleus of him.

"He often remembered his experience from being loved by Tianjiners, who fueled his nostalgia through the city after he went to Japan," he said.

Kondou spent his childhood in the port city and left in 1946.

The scope of the collection of him made some people think he was a professional researcher, but In fact he was an ordinary businessman.

"Tianjin was my first hometown, and I love it," he said to the press and researchers in n. Osteras.

He published two books, a century of love for Tianjin and Tianjin today and yesterday in Japanese.

"His love of him by Tianjin is difficult to describe." Said Wang Zhenliang, head of the Wenjin Academy, a research center in the city. Wang, who was a close friend of Kondou, said that the many visits of him were full of nostalgia, emotion and taking care of the past times, since the former resident explored the ancient villas and shared the findings of him with local friends.

Kondou visited Tianjin more than 30 times since 1989, collecting materials, studying the history of the city and holding exhibitions, once in Japan and twice in Tianjin.

During a remarkable visit, 80-year-old Kondou arrived. In Tianjin, from Kobe, instead of plane, he who has five large suitcases full of documents to donate to Tianjin's municipal archives and other organizations. He was quoted by saying that he could "save money taking the boat, instead of the plane."

This was kept in a strong contrast with the way he spent money in the collection of him. According to Zhang Limin, former director of the History Research Institute of Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, market researchers said that Kondou's interest in China's historical photos caused prices in second-hand book markets in Japan.

keiichiro, the son of Kondou, sent a video message to the seminary, saying: "My father spent most of him and his time in his collection, and enjoyed the nostalgia that They gave him. "

The precious collection represents vividly. Life in Tianjin's ancient Japanese concession, as well as the lives of Japanese immigrants in China, providing Firsthand informs

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