On a crisp winter day in Beijing, a disabled man bravely tries his hand at a traditional Chinese game, usually played on ice. Watching him, I can't help but feel inspired by his courage and determination. It's heartwarming to see that the community service center has invited people with disabilities to experience snow and ice games, all in the spirit of promoting the upcoming Winter Paralympic Games.

This event is just one example of the many ways that China is becoming more inclusive and supportive of its disabled population. According to a recent blue book report, employment opportunities have increased in recent years, providing more high-quality jobs for disabled people. As someone who has witnessed the challenges that disabled individuals often face in the workplace, I'm encouraged to see this positive change. It's a testament to the resilience and strength of the disabled community, and a reminder that we can all benefit from a more inclusive society.

Produced by the China Commission on the promotion of advertising for people with Chinese disabled, the Academic Social Sciences and the University of Renmin of China, said around 8.62 million people with Disabilities by 2020, from 8.55 million in 2019.

Among them, around 634,000 qualified their own businesses and almost 2.4 million were in a flexible job. Many found jobs after attending job skills training programs.

The report said approximately 382,000 people with disabilities received this training by 2020, with 621 obtaining professional certification as blind masseurs.

However, the large number of people with disabilities in China, around 85 million, and prejudice and the lower coverage of social security had hampered their efforts to live better lives with dignity.

Li GE, Human Resources Manager at the Beipe's Office of Sinopec, the capital, said it is important to offer employment applicants with disabilities.
Adequate vacancies that allow them to play their strengths.

"Offer that the right jobs can not only help them make their value but believe value for companies." She said. "It's a win-win situation."

Li said companies face some problems when planning to hire people with disabilities, such as the need to provide adequate facilities and psychological advice.

"Take our company as an example," she said. "Although we hire people with disabilities, they still constituted a small proportion of our total employees, so it is difficult for them to have their own social circles."

She added that investment in facilities without barriers. And the higher costs of injuries related to work were the main concerns by hiring people with disabilities.

The Government has encouraged companies to contract disabled people by providing financial incentives and have published the guidelines to help protect their work rights.

The municipality of Tianjin said in 2018 that any company that hires a college graduate with disabilities could request an allocation of 6,000 yuan ($ 950).

Of people with highly qualified disabilities and 3,000 yuan to hire those with less skills.

Guo Liqun, executive vice president of the China Commission on the promotion of advertising for companies of Chinese disabilities, said that people with DISA ideas not only need a rich material life, but a sense of happiness and security with dignity, impartiality and security.

She said that the integral development of the group should be promoted to meet your needs for a better life and allow the benefits of common prosperity.

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