We provide the latest updates and crucial information on the Global Covid-19 pandemic here.Nov 20china Latest data published by the National Health Commission by Midnight, November 19, 2020.

- Reports of Chinese continents 17 confirmed Covid-19 cases on Thursday, all imported

November 19

outside China the latest figures informed by the Health Authority of each Government As of November 19, 2020.

- Africa on alert 2nd wave as Covid-19 cases Top 2 million (Read more)

- We, Covid-19 Misths exceeded 250,000 on Wednesday , according to Johns Hopkins University (Read more)

- The Australian study shows children develop immune responses Covid-19 without positive testing (read more)

- Argentina working in the Vaccination Plan Mass Covid-19, says President (read more)

- social isolation makes younger than radicali Zación: United Kingdom Police (Read More) China

- Continental Reports China 12 New cases Covid-19, all imported (read more)

November 18

ou tside China

- United Kingdom Higher records Awning related to the death of Coronavirus since May 6 (read more)

- Senator of the US . UU 87, Chuck Grassley, positive for Covid-19 (read more)

- The Sao Paulo of Brazil extends the block until mid-December

- was not allowed parades in 2021 carnival in us New Orleans due to Covid-19

- College returns to open in Middle Covid-19 Pandemic in Bangalore, India


- Mainland Reports China 8 Confirmed Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, 1 locally transmitted (read more) November 17

Outside China

- Covid-19 Global Cases Top 55 million : Johns Hopkins University

- Who 'extremely worried' by Surge in VOC ID-19 cases in Europe, Americas (read more)

- US San Francisco To adjust the reopening due to the wave Covid-19 (read more)

- Texas exceeds deaths of 20,000 virus virus, second highest in us (read more)

- COVID-19 cases from Canada exceed 300,000

- United Kingdom to open 'Megalabs' with 600,000 Daily tests (read more)

- Who: Dosage of Vaccines Covid-19 limited in early 2021 (Read more) China: China's reports on the continent 15 Confirmed Covid-19 cases on Monday, all Imported (read more) November 16

Outside China

- PM Johnson is self-insulator after contact Covid-19 (read more)

- New COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Canada (read more)

- NY Governor criticizes the Federal Vaccination Plan of Covid-19, threatens legal action (read more)

China : Reports of the Chinese Continental 8 Confirmed Covid-19 cases on Sunday, t imported odos (read more)

November 15

outside China

- NY Governor refutes the claim of the vaccine from the president of the United States, gear for a more serious scenario (read more)

- Trump asks the Congress to pass the VOCID-19 relief invoice as cases of overload (read more)

- Canadian hospitals feel more pressure with the increase in COVID-19 cases

China- China Continental reports 13 Confirmed cases Covid-19, all imported

November 14

Out of China

- AC Milan Posi TIVE trainers test for Novel Coronavirus (read more)

- Russia reports a high day of 22,702 new cases (read more)

- US Reports UU RECORD GENERO Record of almost 200,000 Covid- 19 cases

- Covid-19 of India Tally reaches 8,773,479

- S.Korea Reports 205 plus Covid-19 cases, 28,338 in total

- Covid-1 9 The number of dead in Brazil reaches 164,737

- Superstar of Egyptian football MO Salah positive for Covid-19 (read more)


- Reports of the China Continental 18 new COVID-19 cases confirmed, all imported (read more)

November 13

outside China

- Reports US UU Register a daily increase of more than 140,000 COVID-19 cases.

- The new cases of Covid-19 in Japan were recorded high in the middle of the resurgence of the virus throughout the country

- the Chief of Finance of India announces a subsidy of $ 120.6 million for the development of Vaccines COVID-19


- Reports of the China Continental Part 8 new cases Covid-19, all imported (read more)

November 12

Out of China <

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