A wonderful experience, living abroad in China can have unanticipated repercussions on you. You can find yourself adopting attitudes and habits that, up until recently, would have appeared completely foreign to you before you even realize it. If you're wondering if you've "gone native" as an expat in China, here are eight indicators that you might have.


You think “your” city is the best in China

/>Which Chinese city is the best? Is that the one you're now residing in? Naturally! From those Shanghai expats who claim their fashion and food scenes are the best, to adoptee Beijingers who believe there's no real art or culture outside their city limits, to the expats who live in tier 3 and 4 cities who think they’re the only ones.


/>2. You've started using chopsticks for everything

/>When you first arrived in China, you might have struggled with chopsticks, but now you use them for everything. You've even started to enjoy the challenge of picking up slippery noodles or small pieces of food.


You don't flinch at public spitting or nose blowing

/>People frequently spit or blow their nose in public in China. At first, you might have found it gross, but now it doesn't even faze you.


/>4. You've started to bargain like a local

/>When you first arrived in China, you might have paid the asking price for everything.

Wow, how far you've come! Remember when you first arrived in China, and bargaining at the market seemed like an impossible feat? But now, you've mastered the art of haggling and can score the best deals like a pro. Not to mention your Chinese abilities! The natives first found it difficult to communicate with you because of how well you speak their language, but now they view you as one of them. It's remarkable to see how much you've changed and evolved as a person while living in China. Keep going!
You've grown fond of baijiu.

/>Baijiu is a strong, Chinese liquor that many expats find hard to stomach. But now, you've developed a taste for it, and you can even hold your own in a drinking competition.


/>7. You've become a master of the squat toilet

/>When you first arrived in China, you might have been intimidated by the squat toilet.
But now, you've become a pro at using it, and you even prefer it to the western-style toilet.


/>8. You've started to celebrate Chinese holidays

/>When you first arrived in China, you might have been confused by all the different holidays and festivals. But now, you've started to celebrate them with gusto, and you even look forward to them.


Living as an expat in China presents endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

From beholding the Great Wall to hiking through the mountains or even delving into ancient temples, the country has a plethora of unique experiences to offer. I still remember the sense of awe I felt when I visited the Forbidden City for the first time, marveling at its intricate architecture and rich history. What's more, the country's vibrant culture and friendly locals make it an even more inviting place to live.

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