Beijing, June 17 (Xinhua) - Beijing has planted more than 569.333 hectares of forest in the last two decades as part of a program to curb desertification, said local authorities Wednesday <. / P>

Thanks to the project, forest cover in mountainous areas of Beijing has reached 58.8 percent, up 19 percentage points from 2000, according the Beijing gardening and Greening Bureau.

In areas covered by the project, the erosion of the soil has been reduced and there are fewer floods and landslides, said the office

Beijing used to be frequently hit by sandstorms, which led to the desertification of 58,000 hectares in the 1990s

a draft national afforestation aimed at addressing the source of sandstorms in Beijing and neighboring Tianjin municipality was launched in 2000

the capital has seen a steady decline over time sand in spring, from 26 days in 1950 to five to seven days at the turn of the century until after three days of 2010, according to the meteorological office Beijing.

in the next two years, will add more than 1,333 hectares of vegetation in Beijing as part of the second phase of the project continues until 2022. End

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