Beijing, September 1 (Xinhua) - As the China International Commerce Services Fair of 2022 (Ciftis) began Wednesday in Beijing, the country has shown the world its commitment its commitment unwavering its unwavering commitment to a broader opening in the commercial sector and a firm determination to further promote global economic recovery.

Thematic "cooperate for a better development, innovate for a greener future," the 2022 Ciftis includes a global services trade summit, exhibitions, forums, new releases of products and technology, promotions and commercial discussions and support activities.

While a key discourse note is delivered at the 2022 Ciftis summit on Wednesday, the Chinese vice president Han Zheng asked for efforts to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the trade of trade of services to make a greater contribution to the recovery of the global economy.

China will build a high level open system for the service industry and establish a national demonstration zone for commercial innovation of services, he said.

Han also promised to support the regions, including Beijing, in the pilot world.

The six -day event this year presents greater internationalization, with the participation of more than 2,400 companies, including more than 400 Global Companies of Fortune 500 and leading companies and leading companies in the industry. The exhibition area increased by 20 percent since last year to reach 152,000 square meters.

"More than 100 companies and institutions will launch their achievements in ciftis this year, injecting new impetus and vitality in the development of the commercial sector of services," said Wang Dongtang , an official of the Ministry of Commerce (MOC).

"Ciftis shows the world of China of China determining to participate in the trade of international services, its enthusiasm for adopting economic globalization and the cooperation of win-win, And the resilience and vitality of China's economy to commercial partners abroad, "said Zhu Dongfang, president of Asia Digital Group.

Wider opening

as a vivid epitome of the exploration of the country of high -level opening, Beijing has accelerated the Development of the "two zones" of the city: the Pilot Free Trade Zone and the National C Zone of the Uplica Manifestation to expand the opening in the service sector.

In the last two years, the Chinese capital has introduced more than 100 pioneer or innovative policies related to the "two areas" and landed more than 100 historical projects and platforms functional

With favorable and innovative policies, the business environment of the economic zone of the Beijing Daxing International Airport (Daxing), has continued to improve. The number of companies registered in the zone totaling 2,961 at the end of July.

In the economic zone, different shelves in the warehouse of Bo Yue Jin Cheng International Logistics (Beijing) Co., Ltd. are full of engines, garments and other products from abroad.

"We will show our business linked at the fair to provide service solutions for international clients such as cross -border electronic commerce companies," said Gao Shili, head of the logistics company .

As China opens its widest door, many places throughout the country, have taken concrete measures to promote the development of the trade of services. China has added four pilot areas to deepen the opening of the services trade in Tianjin, Shanghai, Hainan and Chongqing.

"more than 90 percent of the 122 specific measures pages

Beijing  Chongqing  Tianjin 

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