Tianjin, March 8 (Xinhua) - In what was supposed to be a day to take a break and celebrate women in the front line of the fight against the outbreak of the new coronavirus in China have been busier than ever

. March 8 is International Women's Day, an opportunity for men to meet their female partners for their contributions to families and society. And this year, the celebration has special significance


Zhang Jian, 37, as usual, put on a red vest and an early mask in the morning and began daily inspection in a community in northern China, Tianjin municipality

. her works at the least six hours a day, from distributing leaflets with information epidemic prevention, taking the temperature of local residents and conducting disinfection community of more than 2,600 households < p style = "margin: 0px 3px 15px">. Zhang is a cancer patient. Was suffering from breast cancer with axillary lymph node metastasis in 2017 and has yet to take pills and get an injection every month because her mastectomy.

worried about her physical condition, her husband got a lower part of 30 days, but Zhang did not have time to take even a single day of rest. . She had been working for more than 40 days in a row

"Everyone is overloaded If I ask permission, my colleagues are stressed," he said.

there are only nine community workers, each caring for about 300 households. also they turn with eight other members of staff to work as "gatekeepers" to record the movements of vehicles and personnel in the community

. Zhang said grid-based workers have built the first line of defense against coronavirus. "To protect local residents is to defend'll stay the course," said

. "Some residents have given us cakes, umbrellas and porridge as a token of appreciation which warms us from the cold of winter, "said Zhang


Zhang Ying, 45, has been in service throughout the day during the last month. As a psychological consultant, his soft tone has eased many stress encounter or depression in the middle of the epidemic

. "Psychological assistance is a placebo for those who suffer from mental stress and our line is like a life-saving straw that can help ease panic and make sure they sit, "said Zhang Ying .

.. The man sounded again two weeks later to express his gratitude, saying it was the call that had helped him get ahead

Zhang Ying sometimes receives more than 20 calls a day. The researchers include parents and children of frontline doctors confirmed COVID-19 patients and close contacts quarantined

. "The negative emotion can cause more serious consequences of the epidemic I will do my best to help people fight against coronavirus with my experience." Said Zhang Ying

A UNUSUAL honeymoon

Twenty-eight-year-old Cui battlefield Mengwei is in the laboratory. She is a lab technician from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Hexi District in Tianjin

. Although not in the first line of medical treatment, Cui's work is extremely important. in the treatment of a patient as rapid detection and effective nucleic acid samples can help save precious time for the treatment of patients and medical isolation close contacts

She works with the virus for four to five hours every day with a heavy suit dangerous materials and medical glasses. His face is left with marks of blood red after a day of work and often have to put the new suit before the marks have faded

. Cui just got married in January and the couple had planned to celebrate the Spring Festival in the hometown of her husband Beijing, a Chinese tradition. But she canceled the plan and threw herself into the laboratory after the outbreak of the new coronavirus

.? "I think so handsome, Mom, I can not say I is?" On one occasion he sent a message to her mother a picture of herself with her colleagues at work. "Of course I can," she replied her mother by phone, voice broken

. Cui's husband also was to accompany his girlfriend. On a snowy night when Cui order to leave work at 4 in the morning, met his partner snoring in the car covered with thick snow

. "I arrived at 1 o 'clock and had a good sleep now," smiled

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