Tianjin, the neighbor of the Beijing port city, reported 28 cases of Covid-19 infection from Sunday until 6 pm on Monday, authorities said Monday night. Preliminary evidence showed that it could be related to imported cold chain food.

Infections were discovered through a nucleic acid test program throughout the city carried out on Sunday, with six confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 22 asymptomatic carriers recorded in the city of the city the districts De Beichen and Dongli, Gu Qing, director of the Tianjin Municipal Health Commission, told a press conference.

The sequencing of the gene indicates that they were infected with a version of the OMICRON variant different from recent local cases in the city, or of the cases abroad.

"It has been found that some of the cases have the experience of working in a cold chain storage in the Dongli district," Gu. "The samples of the outer food and environmental packaging in storage showed positive."

"We initially judge the last outbreak related to imported cold chain food," he added.

The two districts will carry out a new round of nucleic acid tests from Monday to Wednesday.

The city will strengthen the construction of improvised hospitals and reserve more than 10,000 beds available, Guas said.

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