Eric Sommer

Eric Sommer

Nationality: Canadian

Location: Beijing, China

Proficiency of Chinese: basic level

Educational Background: University

Self Introduction

WeChat: ericsommer Hi there,    I'm a professional web developer, international journalist archive: , former university English teacher, and  technical and business writer and editor. , technical editor, web developer and English teacher and have taught English in China for years including oral English, academic essay writing, business English, IT English, history and social sciences English, and children's' English.  I have usually taught in the top universities in Beijing such as Second Language University, Chinese Academy of Science Graduate School, and Sinogpec Management Institute.   I have also taught in Chinese international high schools.  I have also worked as an editor for the neuroscience lab at PKU Beijing university and I also coach students online  to improve their English and to pass tests I'm also a professional journalist published throughout the world in major media, a seasoned business person, and IT expert.  I was CEO and chief designer of the software program  ADM: The Knowledge Management  Program.  I have also cofounded five small companies in the headhunting, IT, and services areas, including two in Asia.   To discuss how I can help you, Wechat me at: ericsommer 

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